1. touch down
2. flex
3. nod, shake hands and watch dem in they eyes
4. get irfaan to renounce islam as a religion of terrorists
5. meet and greet with oil executives to see what problems they having in Guyana
6. tell irfaan fix dese tings before the week out
7. highlight the United States’ commitment to defend democracy
8. hold talks on regional security and the need for a US presence to ensure regional security and democracy
9. hand over prepared documents to be signed
10. highlight and remind them that investment by U.S. companies in the gas and oil sector are beyond the reaches of local laws and meddling
11. raise attention on the plight of Venezuelan migrants and the ongoing crisis in that country which the Guyana government will insert itself into
12. denounce the communist chinese and their “predatory loans” in contrast to U.S. companies’ clean and transparent investment practices throughout the hemisphere.
13. nod, shake hands and watch dem in they eyes
14. highlight the United States’ commitment to defending and destroying democracy
15. watch dem in they eyes one more time and remind them venezuela in the cross hairs
16. roll out

The secretary will only answer prepared questions submitted in advance from state media.

the Guyana ‘govt’ is ilegitimate

some beasts butchered & mutilated two Black teenagers. break their bones. drain the blood from body, destroy their sex organs and staged their bodies after as in some macabre play.

the trouble is, these beasts still got supporters in government circles, uncivil society groups, the bar association, private sector commission and other groups that are nothing but front organizations used to assault the black population of this country.

the ppp is a criminal organisation and they systematically engage in terror campaigns against Afro Guyanese. the historical record is there for perusal

I do not recognize this government as legitimate based on its terror campaign the past five weeks. more citizens are coming to see them as lawless, morally depraved and illegal. we must remove their knee from our necks and breathe free.

Our cause is just. Black liberation is non negotiable.

some ppp supporters engage in actions that can best be described as demonic as can be seen in this latest assault on those two African youths

our cause is just and we are fighting for the total liberation of Afro Guyanese from the tentacles of these devils.

CHPA IT Dept Head has a masters degree but no bachelors degree

Just ran across this email I wrote to another board member at CHPA in May 2017. This guy worked under irfaan ali 🤣


Something very odd happened today but other matters were on the agenda and did not want to waste too much time exploring it.

HR Manager Sanscoulotte will eventually be fired for her incompetence etc and she is in the middle of lots of illegal and questionable activities at CH&PA as well.

Today she presented two persons for promotion based on newly acquired academic qualifications. One was Donelle Bascombe from the Squatter Settlement department and the other the IT dept head Andre Ally.

I’ll send a copy of the document. I thought maybe I missed something but it had Ms. Bascomb’s academic history and shows she had a bachelors etc but Ally’s write up only shows that he has a masters degree and some certification from microsoft.
I asked the HR how is it possible to get a masters degree without a bachelors and she gave some convoluted answer. She herself didn’t look like she believed what she was saying. Am not sure that was captured in the minutes as that is also not reflective of our meetings.

There are lots of fly y night places that can give you any degree you want and that’s happening in Guyana. I cant recall exactly what this masters degree was given in but I dont recall it being in anything computer related. How these guys with bogus qualification operate is that nothing else matters except this new qualification. How you got there is irrelevant. His pay is elevated close to 400,000 per month based on this new qualification.

The IT department is critical and the Head is in way over his head. I am certain he only received that job because of his political connections. He is very weak in all aspects of IT and does very little work or present solutions to anything. No agency would make him head of their IT department. A systems analyst who left the job and a staff currently in the department is way more qualified and capable than him.

will do a more detailed write up on this later and send to all members.

humble regards,

as a Black man, I see Kamala Harris as a mercenary

a lotta people gonna be upset about this but I gotta say it

I discovered Kamala Harris this week. strange but true. I’ve been out of the usa for over a decade and paid very little attention to the personalities in the politics.

I’d seen her face a few times but I knew absolutely nothing about this woman. until last week I didnt even know she was a senator representing the great state of california.

At this moment I dont care if she calls herself black, east indian, south Asian or jamaican

I dont care where she was born or if trump and his idiot squad dont think she’s American enough.

I dont care that she is married to a whiteman or that her father ancestors owned a slave plantation in jamaica

What I do care about is the war Kamala successfully waged against the black community and poor people in general.

I spent a few hours reading about some of the lives destroyed by Kamala Harris. False arrests, wrongful convictions, hiding evidence, fighting against body cameras, refusing to prosecute killer cops, keeping people locked up after they’ve been proven innocent, fighting against DNA testing of evidence, calling herself a top cop and the list goes on.

I cant in good conscience fall for this.

I’ve been a victim of police violence and harassment, I’ve had them pull their guns on me and lock me up. Behind the scenes it’s people like Kamla Harris who keep the machine running smoothly and give dem the wink and a nod.

I got you baby. Keep the pressure on them and we will protect you.

Unlike millions of other Black men I was able to escape the prison industrial complex.

Kamla Harris is a mercenary, a soldier of fortune. Whether she has a personal problem with Black men as I hear some saying, I have no idea and really dont care. But in Kamla, a Black face represents and defends white power.

The system is working out just fine cause Kamla has now turned to the community she terrorised to help her get to the White House. And those who dont support her, in a weird twist of faith, will be called traitors of the race for not supporting a woman who built her career oppressing them.

Barack Obama was not a prosecutor and couldn’t bring himself to condemn police violence and murder against African Americans under his watch. Highly unlikely miss law and order will.

Trump is the devil and Kamala is your saviour. Here to rescue you from hellfire and damnation. Pretty soon she will be in the churches with you, kickin back dem pews, clapping an ah shoutin an ketchin de holy ghost spirit.

They running a con game on you. Heads they win, tail you loose.

Kamla has now rediscovered her soul maybe one day, so will you.

APNUAFC destruction of Black Cane Farmers of West Demerara

this is not a chronological assessment of the APNUAFC administration. I am highlighting a few areas in no specific order of importance. we began with The leadership of APNUAFC must resign immediately and followed with APNUAFC leadership thought the 2015 elections was a war

let’s talk about GUYSUCO and cane

most town people and sophisticated country people know little to nothing about sugar cane and how the industry works in Guyana. this is also true of the leadership and many rank and file members of APNUAFC

without getting into all the fineries. all cane grown in Guyana is sold to GUYSUCO which is a state owned entity. The farmers are paid on the amount of cane and also on the amount of sugar produced. we can get deeper into cane politics another time

my family has been engaged in the selling of cane to GUYSUCO from the inception of this program in 1964. The proper name of the entity back then would’ve been Bookers since Guyana was still two years away from independence. a program was started to get private farmers to plant cane and sell to the estate.

if you cross the harbour bridge and go left there are over 70 villages engaged in cane farming and selling cant to GUYSUCO. the first village is la grange, then comes bagotville where you turn into number one canal. There are about twenty five villages in the canal. All these villages are engaged in cane farming and there is a significant presence of Black cane farmers on the West Bank.

Understand when I say cane farmers I am not talking about cane cutters or as we call them now cane harvesters. I am talking about people who own the land and cultivate it for a living.

Continuing south along the West Demerara public road Bagotville, Nismes, Toevlugt to LaRetraite and Stanleytown. This is where the Jacobs family is from and the LaRetraite Stanleytown Cane Farmers Coop is the largest private cane farmers co-op in Guyana. It is also the only one I know of in all of Guyana that was certified fair trade by the European Union. We paid for that.

Almost all of these these villages have Afro Guyanese cane farmers. Inner Stanleytown (Number 2 Canal also have Afro Guyanese cane farmers. There are less villages in Number 2 Canal than Number 1 Canal but they are about the same length, 7 miles from the public road to the conservancy.

Then you head further south back along the Demerara river to Bellevue, Goed Intent, Sisters, Wales, Patentia, Vriesland, Vive la Force, Potosi and Free and Easy. Villages unknown to most Guyanese but populated by Afro Guyanese planting cane and other crops.

There is a misguided notion that cane farming in Guyana is an East Indian affair. This belief is not only held by Afro Guynese from town. Most Guyanese I would say are not familiar with the inner workings of the sugar industry and do not know the extent of Afro Guyanese families farming cane and rice at all levels for generations.

APNUAFC came to power promising to close off some of the estates and retool GUYSUCO. I did not have an issue with this as we made solid proposals to various agencies of government on how cane farmers, cane cutters and other able bodies individuals from our villages can easily transition to other forms of agriculture production using the land and irrigation system of the cane fields.

I had no problem closing down Wales Estate if it was not making money, but my voice was in the minority. Other cane farmers wanted the estate handed over to the coops and they felt they could make a go at it and bring it back to profitability.

Another thing you will never seen in the press. East Indian slash PPP affiliated farmers stole, plundered and looted Wales Estate. If they needed spares for their tractors they made a call and had someone would steal it from the estate. If they wanted fertilisers, limestone etc they all had their ways and means of plundering from the same estate they sold their canes to. There was also an active trade in stolen sugar and molasses. That’s another episode.

while I disagreed with the others we all had some basic things we explained to government officials that we needed: leases to the lands that were going to be divested, access to financing and duty free concessions on agriculture equipment and supplies.

many promises were made by various individuals in the government. The minister rolled out of bed one day and announced from his Regent Road office that he closing of the estate. Up to that point, I do not recall ever seeing Mr. Noel Holder anywhere on the West Bank meeting or talking to cane farmers.

This is a man who ascended to the Minister portfolio for simply being the husband of a dead founding member of the AFC.

if memory serves me correctly, within two days, Jagdeo and his PPP clowns were at the front gates of Wales Estate holding a massive rally. A week later AFC brass showed up to speak to the people. I dont recall seeing Holder, he may have been there but I dont recall seeing him. He announced he had a plan which would soon be released. To date, we have not seen this plan.

Since every village on the West Bank is engaged in cane farming, the economic effects were devastating. The Wales Saturday market which would last til the afternoon was closing up before noon. The spin off effects on businesses in the villages was immediate. It was also a huge psychological blow on the communities.

Noel Holder and friends told us we can pull our cane to Uitvlugt Estate. I wont waste time here on that except to say. A lot of Black owned farms were located in villages that were established to use the punt system of Wales estate to transport their cane. How were they to get this cane to Uitvlugt? Holder promised a road to Uitvlugt and we were left with a mud dam. The whole scheme was madness.

The part no one speaks about is the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS Afro Guyanese had invested in their farms. Tractor, trailers, ploughs, land preparation, fertiliser, chemicals, cane tops et cetera et cetera. A lot of fields were abandoned in frustration but loans still have to be paid back.

The final insult tossed in our faces by APNUAFC was the sharing out of the land and assets of Wales Estate while ignoring the cane farmers and harvesters who requested. we watched as big companies, businessmen from elsewhere and the politically connected gobbled up the land, machinery and real estate leaving us economically devastated. As faith would have it some of these businessmen are affiliated with the other side.

The sugar industry was already destroyed by the PPP and friends and was on life support but what Noel Holder and the bigger ones of APNUAFC did was rip everything apart with no plan on the way forward. The PPP had no plan then and have none now either but this is not a discussion about them.

Afro Guyanese cane farmers of West Demerara paid and continue to pay a steep price for APNUAFC willful ignorance.